Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Hello friends, if you are searching for the best industrial training institute in Chandigarh/ Mohali/ Panchkula,  then don’t roam here and there because I am talking about ThinkNEXT Technologies PVT. LTD, which is the best training institute for all types of training i.e CSE, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Spoken English, etc. All these we are getting under the same roof.

We are very proud to say that thousands of students took training from here and are well placed in IT companies. Our main motive is to train the students in such a way that after the completion of their training, they will start their job as soon as possible. The main focus is on practical implementation. We will cover each and every topic of Java in such a way that practical implementation is more emphasized rather than theory.
As all we know that every student has a different level of understanding, so we have expert trainers that try to understand the psyche of every student and teach them as per their level of understanding. Besides this  ThinkNEXT  Technologies also provides free spoken English classes along with your main course. We have 6 months or 6 weeks industrial training program along with projects to give students a feel of the real time development.

 Features of Java Training at ThinkNEXT TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.:

•    Each and every topic is covered deeply
•    Practical  implementation of every concept
•    Self-paced learning
•    Course customization
•    No time frame for the course
•    2 hours class (main course)
•    1-hour class (spoken English)
•    PC availability for every student

Here is our JAVA module:
Module 1: Core Java
1.    Introduction to Java
2.    Basic Programming Components (data types, operators, variables, if, switch, loops, arrays etc.)
3.    OOPs Concept in Java (Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
4.    Inner Classes, Abstract Classes, Final Classes
5.    Packages
6.    Strings (StringBuffer & StringBuilder)
7.    Exception Handling
8.    Serialization(Client Server chat)
9.    Multithreading In Java
10.    IO Streams In Java(Byte and Character Streams)
11.    File Handling In Java
12.    Introduction To Applets
13. Event Handling
14. AWT
15. Swings
16. SQL Commands
17. MySQL
18. JDBC

Module Two: Designing for Java Website
2. HTML5
3. CSS
4. CSS3

Module Three: Enterprise Java
1.    Servlets
2.    JSP
3.    JSP with JDBC
4.    Introduction to MVC Architecture
5.    Project using JSP and Servlets including JDBC

Module Four: J2EE/ MVC Frameworks
1.    Hibernate
2.    Struts
3.    Springs
4.    Mail code using Java
5.    Google Maps
6.    AJAX using JAVA
7.    Simple app with Struts
8.    Forget Password to retrieve on registered email id 

For more information visit our website: http://www.thinknexttraining.com/java-training-in-chandigarh.aspx